April Member Highlight – Jocelyn Correa

We certainly are grateful for Jocelyn coming aboard VBN this year and feel she makes a great asset! Enjoy learning about Jocelyn this month and her services…

Name: Jocelyn Correajocelyn
Business Name: Diaper Parties by Jocelyn
Services: Cloth Diapering sales, personal consultations, parties, and education
Website: www.facebook.com/DiaperPartiesByJocelyn and blog: http://centralcadiaperparties.wordpress.com/
Contact Info: 559-936-1939 or JocelynC@DiaperParties.com

Tell us about yourself, your family (if you’d like), and where you originate:

I was born in the Bay Area, but moved to the Visalia area when I was very young, and consider this my “hometown”. My husband, Shaun, was born and raised here, too, so our roots run pretty deep! We have been together for over 11 years now and have three amazing kids that keep us insanely busy, but we love every second.

Describe your business/services:

My goal is to be your biggest resource when it comes to cloth diapering. I offer community “Cloth 101” classes, Personal Consultations to help you figure out the best diapering system for your baby’s needs, Diaper Parties for a fun evening of diaper shopping with friends (and earning free goodies!), and I offer all my customers my full support to help them get through any issues they may come across in their cloth-diapering “journey”.

What is a typical working day like for you?

This is just a part-time job for me, so my days vary quite a bit. A typical day lately involves answering a few emails, and checking sales and stock information for our main company. One day I might have a pregnant mom want to come look at my diaper samples, and I’ll help her figure out a diapering system that meets her family’s needs as far as how many to buy, what types/style, and help her keep it all within her budget. Cloth 101 classes and Parties are a bit different. I pack up my whole sample kit and meet with a larger group. I’ll give a presentation that explains cloth diapers, go over the benefits, challenges, the different styles, and washing tips. While classes and parties are not as “personal”, they are great for people just starting out and wanting to ask questions, or people already cloth-diapering and wanting to add to their stash. I always invite attendees needing more help to book a consultation with me

What inspired you to start in this line of work?

I had looked into cloth-diapering my (now) 9 year-old, but there wasn’t a store that carried them within a 2-3 hour drive of me! Now “Buy Buy Baby” in Fresno is the closest, but it wasn’t around that long ago. I was too scared to spend the money on cloth diapers that I couldn’t see and risk winding up hating them, so unfortunately I chickened out. With the pending birth of our last baby (4 years ago), and some major paycuts due to the state budget, my husband and I decided the cost-savings of cloth was worth it! We cloth diapered our youngest full-time for 20 months until she was basically potty-trained, and then used cloth pull-ups. I loved trying new brands and I love showing people the benefits even more. My baby NEVER had a diaper rash!! That fact alone would make cloth worth it to me… I won’t even get into the money-saving, eco-friendly benefits, and I really felt the need to share all this info with all the moms I knew… so being a consultant seemed like a perfect fit!

Did you have any hesitations or fears before starting? If so, what has helped you along the way?

I didn’t have any fears about being a consultant. I knew that I had a passion for cloth diapers, and I could happily talk about them for hours!

What is a fun fact about you? Something most people don’t know?

Hmmm… Many of my friends know this already, but I’ve been a surrogate mother twice – both times I carried boy/girl twins. I think I have an obsession with being pregnant, and would happily grow babies as often as my body would allow!

What made you decide to join VBN?

I had met many of the great moms involved with VBN through other avenues, then was asked to do a presentation on cloth-diapering for one of the meetings. As a mother who has had one natural birth, followed by three “unnecessarians” (ha!), I was already pretty passionate about improving the quality of care in our area… I just didn’t know we had a group already working to do that!! Once I got connected with the network, I couldn’t imagine not joining and helping the cause. I hope that my daughters someday have better birth experiences than I did, but we have to be part of that change.

What changes (in the realm of pregnancy/birth) would you like to see come to fruition in our area?

I think seeing more evidence-based practices would be incredible. I also feel like women need to feel more supported when birthing – be it by their doctor, the nursing staff, a doula, etc. I know in my birthing experiences I felt like I didn’t have much of a choice about what happened, and it wasn’t a good thing! I wish that I had known that I DID have a choice, and that someone was there to support me. I also wish that it wasn’t so hard for women to have the birth they want, rather than what’s convenient for the hospital.

What is something (tip, info, advice) that you wish EVERYONE knew?

I wish people knew how many scary chemicals are in disposable diapers! I think one of my biggest pet-peeves is when people say “my mom used disposables on me, and I turned out fine”, because we really DON’T KNOW what those chemicals have done to our bodies yet! Remember when smoking was promoted and accepted? Yeah, we knew there were chemicals in the cigarettes, but we didn’t know how bad they were for us generations ago. I worry that the same result will come from disposable diapers as the first generations of people to use them get older! Our largest organ is our skin, and we put our little babies into chemical-laden diapers that sit right against their skin, 24 hours a day, for nearly the first two years of their lives… That’s so scary to me. Also, I wish everyone knew just how AWESOME cloth diapers are! Ha! They’re not nearly as “gross”, “time-consuming”, or “hard to use” as many people think.

What are your personal and/or professional goals?

That’s a hard one… personally, I’m constantly trying to be a better mother/wife/daughter/ friend. I struggle to manage my time as efficiently as I possibly can, to make the most of each day! Professionally, I hope to continue doing diaper parties as long as it fits with my family’s schedule. Eventually I do hope to return to the “normal” workforce, and I’m working towards my degree to get a job in either a City or County Planning Dept.

Do any previous VBN meetings/events stand out to you that you especially enjoyed? Why? What is your hope/vision for the future of VBN?

I have actually enjoyed every meeting, even the ones I thought “didn’t apply” to me. Our members are SO knowledgeable, that it’s nearly impossible to leave a meeting without learning something… even if it’s just a bit of info to share with a friend! I haven’t been to any events yet, but will definitely this year!

“FREE SPACE”. Have a link you’d like us to share? Anything else you’d like to mention?:

I would love to invite everyone to connect with me on Facebook (search Diaper Parties by Jocelyn), or please feel free to contact me through email with any cloth-diapering related questions!

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