Our Mission

Visalia Birth Network is a group of dedicated professionals who support mothers, babies, and families during the prenatal, birth, and postpartum period. VBN members are dedicated to improving pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum experiences through information, support and advocacy. Members of VBN support and endorse the guidelines outlined in the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative (MFCI) formulated by the Coalition to Improve Maternity Services (CIMS).


We Believe:


  • Birth is a normal, healthy process, not an illness or disease.
  • Birth can profoundly affect our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
  • Empowering births can take place in hospitals, birth centers, and homes.
  • Maternity care should be evidence-based and woman-centered.
  • Women are entitled to complete and accurate information on their full range of options for pregnancy, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding.
  • Women have a right to make health care decisions for themselves and their babies. That right includes Informed Consent as well as Informed Refusal.

Our Goals


    We Strive to:

  • Expand community awareness of birthing options.
  • Educate birthing families, by holding regular informational events.
  • Make resources more available to families by use of online Provider Directory, which lists local Mother-Friendly birth-related providers. Currently the Provider Directory is available online, however eventually we hope to have a paper version distributed throughout the county.
  • Promote holistic and complementary care choices to the traditional maternal care that is regularly given in our area.
  • Promote “Mother-Friendly” and “Evidence-Based” care.


Join Us…

…in our mission to improve maternity care and help empower women to have safe and satisfying birth experiences, or ASK US more about our mission…

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